We care!

Here at Matterhorn, quality means more than just producing excellent clothing.It is also,for us, about making sure that the workers in our factories work under, fair, just, safe, legal and humane conditions. We strive constantly to find new eco-friendly materials, new energy-efficient production methods and new possibilities to make our world a better place!

The OEKO-TEX® mark is your guarantee that the garment does not contain dangerous substances. OEKO-TEX® follows the restriction guidelines for ph-value, pesticide and heavy-metal levels.
At Matterhorn we have a selection of garments with the OEKO-TEX® mark.

Bionic Finish
Bionic-Finish Eco is a water-resistant coating that we have been using on our shell and wetweather clothing since the autumn of 2016. It is fluoro-carbon, formaldehyd and parafin free, substances that are used in more conventional production. Fluoro-carbons have revealed themselves to be disruptive to hormone production. Bionic-Finish Eco is totally free from these substances. More information is available here: http://www.rudolf.de/en/technology/bionic-finish-eco/

At Matterhorn we make sure that, even our suppliers meet the legislation applying to the chemicals and substances that the European Parliament set as a standard according to 190/2006/ REACH Appendix XVII. REACH prohibits and regulates the usage of certain substances as well as reducing the quantity of chemicals that can be dangerous to our health and the environment.

(Business Social Compliance Initiative) is a cooperation between businesses that desire to improve working conditions in the global supply chain. BSCI unites over1300 businesses to follow a collective agreement to support those who work towards an ethical supply chain by using a developement oriented system. The basis of this system lies in the mutual code of practice that all parties have agreed to implement in their chain of supply. Using both independant review bodies and our own review bodies we can keep track of how well our factories are following our requirements. The code of practice is based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention for Childrens Rights and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) convention.

The government implemented rules for production accountability for packaging and packaging materials in 1994. Production accountability means that those who produce a product have an environmental responsibility that even includes the disposal of packaging. A company that is a member of REPA pays a packaging fee that covers the companies production accountability. This fee finances the running of eco-stations where the consumer can take their packaging for recycling.

Matterhorn jackets

Matterhorn, a Mountain famous for its unique silouette and sheer faces, nestles between the borders of Switzerland to the north and Italy to the south, just next door to the popular ski-resort of Zermatt.
We have named our clothing-line after this mountain.
Jackets from Matterhorn soon become a favourite part of your wardrobe, and our constant product development means that clients come back for more.
What is the difference between one jacket and another? Details, shape, style, feeling, material.
There are many parameters that will make the jacket you wear a favourite.
We, at Matterhorn, have succeeded in creating jackets that are really comfortable to wear, fulfill their function and feel personal.