About Matterhorn

The clothing your work force wears can be a part of your company’s image and marketing strategy.

We offer you clothing that suits your company profile with colours, logos and details custom designed to your wishes. Our retail staff is trained to help you with alternatives and to develop ideas.

Special production runs are limited to a minimum of 150 to 300 units depending on the model. The advantage of this is that the garment is exactly as you want it and the price for embroidery, labels etcetera is kept relatively low.

The flexibility we offer you is workable and preferable for each size of company and most of the time more competitive than using standard stock garments. Please contact your dealer for more information and suggestions.

Matterhorn jackets

Matterhorn, a Mountain famous for its unique silouette and sheer faces, nestles between the borders of Switzerland to the north and Italy to the south, just next door to the popular ski-resort of Zermatt.
We have named our clothing-line after this mountain.
Jackets from Matterhorn soon become a favourite part of your wardrobe, and our constant product development means that clients come back for more.
What is the difference between one jacket and another? Details, shape, style, feeling, material.
There are many parameters that will make the jacket you wear a favourite.
We, at Matterhorn, have succeeded in creating jackets that are really comfortable to wear, fulfill their function and feel personal.